Hair brush straightener Dafni Review

Hair brush straightener Dafni

Dafni Hair brush straightener is the best ceramic brush used with curls, waves or frizz and flyaway hair. The perfect hair brush and straightener 2 in 1.

Before and after using Dafni Hair brush straightener

Dafni hair brush straightener best

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Tips for better hair straightening with Dafni ceramic brush - How to use tips

Step 1: For optimal results use Dafni only on dry, brushed hair. Step 2: Brush your hair making sure it gets between all the bristles and the inner area of the brush. Step 3: Brush from the roots to the tips of your hair in a slow pulling motion, on the inner or outer side of your hair, as you please.

How to use Dafni brush straightener for  for best results

  • Use only on dry brushed hair
  • Brush slowly in a pulling motion
  • Make sure you hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush
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Pro's of Hair brush straightener Dafni

  • Heating to a safe and ideal temperature 185°C/365°F in a few seconds
  • Hair-flattening tool evenly distributes heat without damaging your tresses in the process
  • You simply brush your hair for straightening
  • Straight your hair with minimum amount of time spent
  • auto turn-off in 15 minutes

Con's of Dafni Hair brush straightener

  • price is high... buy quality is high too
  • if this price is to high for you we highly recommend Apalus Hair Brush Straightener because is cheap and it's one of the best hair brush straighteners out there

Quick demo of Dafni Hair brush straightener in action

Dafni Hair brush straightener is the best classic brush! This high quality Hair brush straightener tool must me indispensable if you have wavy, frizzy, curly hair ! We highly recommend you the best combo hair brush straightener ! See Apalus brush hair straightener for extra details !